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2011 Events


Corporate and Social Events aimed at promoting social values and fostering cohesive bonds within the corporate as a family.
Corporate Events
1st Toss before CNY,   2nd Toss during CNY,   Happy 13th Birthday, Arrowcrest!    
 we toss for our unity, team spirit and trust to continue.   we toss for good health, good luck and prosperity for all.    We wish for many good years ahead.    

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Social Responsibility - Social Event
 18th March 2011

 Arrowcrest's 13th Anniversary, we like to make this a memorable moment of sharing!


Thank you Kreta Ayer Seniors Activity Centre for helping us fulfilling this dream.


Our little souvenir over your neck... you are our honorable guest today.  


Hop on, celebrate the happy occasion with us.


Excited? You sure look forward to the event! Don't you?

  A specially designed feast is awaiting your arrival at Xi Yan!!!  

The appetizer - Green House Tomatoes in Wasabi Sesame Sauce... Healthy and tasty. 

  Next, Hakka Nian Dao Fu. Come, let us help you with second serving.  

ZhenJiang Spareribs? Have this with my teeth???


No worries... see, its tender and tasty ....... I know you will like it !

  What's next??? Eager to know.   Traditional Dongpo Belly Slice with bun... tempting and filling.  
 While you are enjoying the next dish, see what we have for you!!!   Our token of appreciation for your presence today.   Are you happy being with us?   We are as happy!  
Our group photo starts here...   Sit or stand by us...   Turn around, make sure you are not left out...   Show your sweetest smile, this will remain in our memory.  
Hold on, hold on... Here's a little something from us, please take it with you.   Check out what's in there. Hope you like it.   We doggy bag this for you... You mentioned you loved that dish!   Home sweet home and have us in your sweet, sweet dream... See you next time !!!  
10th June 2011               
We are back... 84 days after we parted in our last visit.   Same group of us, with the same smile and excitement.   Thank you, Florence, Alex and team for your devoted care for the old folks here.   How many of you still have us in your memory?  
What is the last occasion? No, not during Chinese New Year... though we also have red packet.   Any Clue ? Please....   Is it a happy occasion??? Yes, indeed, a very special one.   Here, take my shot!!! I am ever-ready with my pose.  
 We remember this goodie bags.....    BINGO!!! You do remember celebrating ARROWCREST 13th Anniversary with us.   A special day today? Care to share with our friends not convenient to be here today?   No worries, we will visit them at their unit.   
 Touch to see us at your door step? We are happy to see you too!  

 Hei boss, you look brighter today!!!

  So what's the occasion? Don't keep us in suspense!   A very happy one of course!!!   
 IT's THE BOSS's BIRTHDAY!!!    Happy Birthday Boss!!! So how old are you today???          
25th Oct 2011              




30th Dec 2011


 New Year Celebration 








 You Queue… 


 ….We serve 


 Enjoy your meal…. 


 ….In Groups,… 


 ….In pairs….. 


 ….with Grandma’s love 


 Magic Show! 






 In the lime light 




 Crowd around 


 With young audience 


 Like “Father AND Son” 


 Promote Racial Harmony 


 Obvious Age Distinction 


 Gender Mix 


 Most popular boy 


 Queue again 


 To receive 


 ARROWCREST’S souvenir 


 Balloon Sculpturing 


 With eager looks 


 Happy New Year!!! 


  Our Contributions